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15 February 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Blog: Photos of me posing with an advanced copy of LIVE THROUGH THIS. Oh, and a tiny teaser . . . !  
Approximately one year and ten and half months ago, I received one of the coolest things EVER. It was an Advanced Reviewer Copy (ARC) of that book I wrote that one time, Freefall. I wrote about it here and included photographic evidence of the rollicking good time being had at my house that day.

One of the pictures taken of me and the Freefall ARC was of us chilling in the driveway. Another was of us having the time of our fricken lives, like so:


On this past Friday, I received pass pages, which are regular 8x11 sheets of paper that are printed to show precisely what the layout and font of the book will look like. I had good great fun taking pictures of the title pages and all the hot pink and florescent green Post-Its that I was using. See?


I intended to put up a little entry to share the joy in this milestone. (Because, I'm not going to lie, there was a time when reaching this stage with this book felt so impossible. And somehow . . . I did it!)  But then this week came along before I could post that proposed entry. And with this week came a Live Through This ARC, which kinda sorta trumps the pass pages discussion since it is my book in actual book form!

So here is me and the LTT ARC, chilling in the driveway:


(It's amazing what a difference a month and half makes in the appearance of that bush behind me, isn't it?)

And I didn't want my old, falling apart Freefall ARC to feel left out (yes, I still have it), so here's a pic of me and both ARCs, having the (dark and blurry) time of our fricken lives:


So, yay!

And, I know. It's the middle of February. And Live Through This doesn't come out until October. (OCTOBER? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!) As recently as a few weeks ago, I was all, like, "Oh, October. You will be here soon enough. La la la," but now I am ready for October right this second.

So you're maybe feeling as sad as I am that I'm showing you the outside of the ARC, but not the inside, because that's just mean, right?

WELL. We are in luck! My editor gave me permission to share with you the very (er, shocking?) first paragraph of the book as it will look in the real book that you will one day be able to acquire for yourself. So here it is!

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afracloseafraclose on February 16th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
That's so cool! How happy for you!